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Fix Matka

Which Game Makes the Speed of the Brain: Sudoku or Fix Matka?

It keeps our minds sharp and speeds up our thinking. Many games allow us to have fun and help our mental health. Sudoku and Fix Matka are two games that can sharpen your mind and increase brain speed.

People started to play different games as a way to pass the time and to keep themselves entertained during the pandemic. It’s not just fun; it also sharpens your mind and increases productivity at work.

We use strategies to win any given game. This strategy has a positive impact on the brain and makes the game more enjoyable.

This theory states that if you work in an area you enjoy, your productivity levels are high. However, if a person is unhappy with their work, or not interested in it at all, then the work does not go smoothly or perfectly.

Sudoku is one the most popular and beloved games of all time. Everyone is eager to solve it. Although Fix Matka is an old game, it’s now available online. It is a symbol of revolution with a long history. You can read my blog if you’re interested in its history.

Learn more about Sudoku

Sudoku is a math game that requires you to solve all sides of a number. There are also blocks where you must add the number that should not repeat in a row or column.

This mind-blowing game will blow your head. Sudoku requires a lot more than just a few tricks to break the code of numbers.

Tradition dictated that sudoku was played on paper with a pen to write out the numbers needed to solve them.

You can also play sudoku online. Sudoku games can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android phones. Our brains can be used to solve web sudoku online and we can help you grow your knowledge.

Classic Sudoku has the goal of filling 9X9 grids and 3X3 sub-grids. This looks like a puzzle. Vedic math, which uses a short-term approach, can help you solve this equation.

Sudoku: History

French newspapers began Sudoku variations in 19th-century France, when French puzzles started experimenting with subtracting numbers from magic squares.

A French newspaper published the first number puzzle. However, it is not Sudoku as it had a double-digit number that required maths to solve.

Howard Grans, a retired architect and freelance puzzle builder, designed the modern Sudoku. The most interesting and popular game of Sudoku is now.

Fix Matka

The Fix Matka Number game can also be called the game of numbers, where you must choose the perfect number. Fix Matka is not a game for fun, but to make money. This game requires you to invest your money in order to make more money.

The Fix Matka Number is one of India’s most loved games. This game is similar to gambling or lottery tickets, where you play on the wheel of fortune. Or the big six wheel.

Fixed Matka Number can only be played in India. However, people love it so much that it is now available online.

Many people believe that Fix Matka is luck-based. However, this myth is false. You can play the game using a variety of strategies and solve the Math equations.


Both games are equally rewarding for people. One is increasing the skill and the other is earning income. You will now know how to quarantine after reading this article.

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